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Strategy Characteristics
Course covers a specific and a unique trading strategy and its underlying

 principles. Intuitive skills are not required as the system is based on  price movement properties and market behavior. 

For short term trading it is purely a technical system, regardless of news

noise and what occurs in the macro markets. A simple, focused, easy to follow to become a proficient strategy-oriented trader. We believe the best day trading system in the world available to individual (retail) traders.

Medium to long term trading: the main objective is having a good defence,

protecting capital and we base our calculations on the expectation that luck will be against us.

We trade less than 5% of the active market time, we only trade when

there is a safe opportunity.

We are actively involved in managing our positions.

We don’t let our positions to chance alone or for the market to decide. We put ourselves in a position to win before entering the market. The battle is won before it begins. 

We rarely hold positions for more than a few minutes on short term trades.

The majority of trades are short term because we prefer to make consistent safe returns with minimal or no psychological pressure.

We adapt to the market action.

There are days with no trades and there are active days. We follow the volatility of the market.

While we constantly watch the markets we want to make trading easy

and a pleasurable activity so we don’t have to wait and watch the monitors all day. At the same time we don’t want to miss opportunities either.

We employ one simple easy to follow strategy, which makes it easy to

learn, execute and gain excellence. Simplicity is the key to success of Intuitive Sigma.

winning the trading game Your Ultimate Strategy for Successful Trading and Investing

Course Features

Great experience

  • High quality training videos
  • Professional voice                
  • Subtitles to enhance comprehension          
  • Charts with explanations.                                                                           

Charting platform

  • Intuitive SigmaTM Charts
  • Subscription and real time data feed (3 months included)                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Complete confidence

  • It is the result of many years of evidence based research and trading the markets to find what really works

Beginner to Advanced

  • Clear rules and guidelines
  • Profesionally structured and taught the right way  
  • From this moment forward you’ll know exactly what you need to do to get results you want                                                                                                    

All Markets

  • Forex/currencies
  • Futures      
  • CFD 
  • Stocks      
  • Indexes      
  • Commodities                                                                        

Self Paced

  • Full access, downloadable videos
  • Learn from your home or office    
  • Self paced course, you decide when to study                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       



Welcome Video. An introductory statement from the founder of Intuitive Trading Institute


Basic concepts and the research that led to the discovery of the strategy


The principles and the rules behind the strategy, how and why it works


The trading plan and putting all the rules together


The execution of the strategy


Trader psychology and developing an intuitive state of mind


The mathematics of trading, expectancy and an innovative way of applying the Kelly criteria


Analysis of live trades examples


How markets work, its participants and choosing a reliable broker


Easy step by step installation and configuration guide


A practice session analyzing trade examples using the market replay feature


Trading wisdom you will not hear anywhere else

Course Specifications
LOGO intuitive sigma 500

This course consists of twelve downloadable 1080p videos in MP4 file format. All lessons are presented in a concise and structured manner in order to allow you to learn efficiently. Total time: 218 minutes.

Total file size ~ 12.5 GB. Each video is available for download separately in a password protected zip file. Download time for each video(~1GB): 5 minutes on broadband, up to 60 minutes on slower internet connections. 

The course also includes a 3 months subscription to the Intuitive SigmaTM Charts platform. You will receive email instructions for logging in within one working day. 


I was asked to be a beta tester for the Intuitive Sigma course for about 4 months. Since I had little knowledge about trading the markets, I seemed to be perfect for this test. I am and have been a big fan of Andre Minassian, having watched his impressive predictions, I became very curious, fascinated and intrigued about his way of thinking about the markets. He wanted to make sure Intuitive Trading Institute’s course would provide the best user experience possible and it would be easy to understand. My opinion might be subjective but I was quite impressed by the knowledge shared inside the course and the strategy is simply remarkable and just makes sense. I feel it would be next to impossible not to make money if a trader followed the strategy of the course with strict discipline.

Juliet Westford
Fontvieille, Monaco


“Hope all is well..just wanted to say I really enjoyed the iSigma course and found it very informative and definitely different to whats out there..I do agree with your point of view!”

Shane Sekuloski
London, United Kingdom


“I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to purchase your training course. I have been learning how to trade FX for only two months now, but I have a better understanding from following your training method. I have been able to identify the good trades and not so good trades, and even use the software for overall general trend identification. However, with time I still need more experience to be able to execute these properly. When I started out with just technical and fundamental, I was still very lost and confused after reading several books and losing many trades. I was never a fan of the traditional technical analysis tools, as I have a graduate degree in mechanical engineering and understand the math quite well and also felt strongly and intuitively knew that those tools were the wrong approach. Thank you.”

C. X.
San Francisco, USA



“Thanks a lot for the prompt response and continued support. So glad to be one of the early joiners of this amazing project. 
Keep up the great work!


Dubai, United Arab Emirates


“Hello my friend Andre.
I am really enjoying your course and have been playing around with intuitive Sigma. The possibilities are there to make some good profits. I am also learning to trust my intuition much more in my various crypto investments / trades and so far I haven’t been let down.
Looking forward to your book and (Pure Intuition) course and let me know if I can help in any way.
A big thank you for sharing your wisdom with the world! Divine providence has dropped you in my reality and I am grateful. I know that finally all the pieces are coming together. Would love to buy you lunch when you have some free time.

Peter Ellis
London, UK

I did go through the iSigma course a few times over the last week. It’s just too good. Firstly hearty congratulations on being able to put together the course. I’m sure you would have had many difficult challenges to get over to produce such a polished course. Secondly, no amount of thanks can actually mean a thanking for the generosity, kindness & willingness you’ve demonstrated & have continued to demonstrate over time.The course has helped me learn the iSigma way of trading which is a very powerful way of trading. I’ve been trialing this out in a demo account. I’ve seen a nice increase in the number of profitable trades over 2 weeks now. The course has also helped me confirm & re-assure myself that the strategies I use have similarities & commonalities with iSigma strategy which is just an awesome feeling for me. The fact that I started trading as a novice & grew these strategies all alone by myself over time now, to see it have commonalities with the strategy of a humble pro like yourself is a significant confidence booster for me.

New Zealand


Dear ITI Team,

In no words I can express my gratitude to all of you, with special thanks to Mr Andre Minassian for his wonderful efforts in developing this course and strategy. I wish I knew you 1 year back, my losses have drastically reduced, in fact, I started making profits. The strategy is perfect to identify trend reversals and improved entry and exit price a lot. I have lost more than $10k in the past 6 months, but now the strategy helped me to start recover slowly and it also helped my trading overall decision making process intuitively. I have recommended you to my brother and i would like to know if he can purchase subscription to ISigma charting platform through your website?

Please send my sincere wishes and regards to Mr Andre, and I wish soon visit you in UK.

Thanks and regards,

A. Karim


Andre your sigma course is mind blowing. Very impressed so far. Im still reviewing all the process because I’m trying to get into the range bars and flow analysis. That’s where the magic is but it requires training to get used to it
I want to become the best trader I can be and thank you for providing me the right tools.

Nuno Sacchetti


After testing the system for the past 5 month, this remarkable, very stable system, very powefull, I feel I learnt a lot about patience, and waiting for the best moment, its really a skill to be learnt. I feel this system not just teaches you to win in the stock game, but also teaches you about life. Every issue I had I got very quick response from the support team, they helped in every technical and knowledge based problem I have had.
Great experience, huge potential, love it !!! thanks a lot.
Thank you for creating this amazing system. 

Ran Sabag
Telaviv, Israel


Intuitive trading package is phenomenal. Simply brilliant! I can’t say enough good things about it. It’s what I’ve been looking for, for more than a decade. Thank you for your hard work on it. It’s a tremendous product you developed. I love it. I knew I would the first time I found it. I could sense you and the system were the real deal. My intuition was correct. Thanks again. 

Shawn Derr
March, 2020


Andre, this course is a masterpiece…. It has changed my life…
The best trading course in the world…
The support team has been very helpful and wonderful…
Thank you for allowing me and others to have the chance to succeed.
I feel so grateful to have discovered you and make the investment in buying the course. You my friend have changed my life… Thank you Andre….

Andre, I been using IG markets… I love the interface is simple and I can trade well on it… They are a market maker though..not sure if that’s okay…but I was thinking once I hit over 20k to open an account with (stp pro) I find it to be the best brokers here in the usa…unless you know of any here in the USA that allows to trade from the phone.
I feel very thankful and blessed. Thank you so much…. From my heart.

Aliaksandra Paulouskaya
July 2020


I have completed the course. To say that it is amazing is an understatement. It truly is a game-changer. The insight you have in the markets and the candour with which you explain matters is honorable.

I am truly grateful.

Harris Leontiou
Nicosia Cyprus (living in Athens Greece)
October 2020


Thanks to isigma I was able to pay off my car and fly my family members to spend the holidays with.. Very thankful every day for discovering you and the beautiful opportunity you have given us to make money. Thanks, alot Andre.

I am truly grateful.

Alex Reyes
New York
December 2020


Dear Mister Minassian, I’m using you’re Isigma Strategy.I just wanted to thank you. It’s something magic what you’ve created and I finallly see a way to make money after almost giving up.

November 2022



The Future Is Here

  • Electronic markets have made possible for many quantitative hedge funds to engage in statistical arbitrage and also in market making behavior algorithms. Since the markets are dominated today by hedge funds who are using very sophisticated mathematical models and because their size move the markets it’s smart to follow the natural flow and rhythm created by them.
  • Intuitive Sigma is a unique strategy and a mathematical model that is simple enough to be followed and traded by individual traders. It certainly benefits from the market making behavior algorithms used by the big hedge funds like Renaissance Technologies and Citadel. We identify similar mean-reverting proprieties of price movement that makes our system profitable. There’s no secret the markets exhibit the characteristics of a Brownian motion, essentially a random walk, which means it follows certain laws of physics. So no surprise that the hedge funds today are dominated by mathematicians and physicists. It’s a law of the universe.
  • To put it in a different perspective. It is said that 90% of retail traders lose money. What type of strategies are they taught to trade? The first words you’ll hear from a beginner trader are “trend, the trend is your friend and breakouts”. The exactly opposite of what the big hedge funds do that are consistently profitable year after year. There are many research papers published in the trading literature that prove the random walk and the mean reversion characteristics of the markets and that it’s a very profitable approach. 


Hedge funds that use market making behavior algorithms and mean reversion strategies:

hedge funds trans2 1
Who is this course for?
  • Active traders interested in a technical system and a specific method for trading the financial markets
  • Beginner traders who understand that by not having a tried and tested strategy with clear rules will have a difficult time becoming profitable, as markets are designed to give very little chance to beginners. Learning the right information and a proven strategy  to become successful so quickly is an asset since it reduces the study time by years, literally, not mentioning the negative emotions and frustration of paying expensive tuition fees to the markets by losing money. 
  • Experienced traders will certainly benefit from their knowledge about the markets and will appreciate the value of a successful and complete strategy. 
  • Professional traders looking to expand their investment strategies and anyone who is responsible for developing and implementing trading systems. 
  • The ideal trader should be passionate about markets and be serious in trading a real-life strategy for a living. The end goal is making money which requires commitment and discipline. 
  • Anyone who wants to understand how financial markets really work and how successful traders think 
  • Anyone desiring to learn about how emotions affect the decision making process when dealing with risk and a different view of the traders psychology
Frequently Asked Questions
    • You will need a computer running the Windows operating system with an Internet connection.
    • If you trade your own account you don’t need any kind of licence or certification
    • Each video covers a critical element in understanding the iSigma strategy. We recommend going through each training session step by step. 
    • We included only concise and the most useful information. The strategy is focused on universal principles that you already understand. Learning the rules and making them a habit is a necessary step to become successful.
  • While iSigma can be considered a technical system  we discovered intuition is a skill that is being developed when using this strategy, and it can play an important role in the trading process. For short term trading, entries require accuracy and the mathematical model plays a more important role. After gaining experience for medium and long term the technical side may not be needed if the trader has the confidence in his intuition. It should be noted that “Pure Intuition” is a separate course which focuses on developing intuition alone.  

  • Yes. Unfortunate events can happen despite our efforts to prevent them but they won’t affect the long term performance of the iSigma strategy. We use a business model similar with those used in insurance companies. 

    • When learning something that already works, a proven system, it is simply a skill that can be learned and replicated easily. Like anything, to become a great trader requires discipline and practice in staying with the strategy. 
    • This course will provide the proprietary methodology and the tools to let any trader become their best.  This is the course that any trader wishes he had when he began trading the financial markets.
    • Those who ever tried other trading systems, the first issue they will notice is that they don’t have clear rules. Risking money in the markets based on just generalities and very little how to training without knowing that it works is not a recommended approach. This is not what traders need and will also learn fast that those systems don’t work.   
    • If your goal is to trade professionally and independently then what you need is not portfolio management theory taught in business schools and advocated by sell side investment banks like Goldman Sachs who make their money in many ways but trading the markets. 
    • This course details a proprietary and complete system for trading financial markets designed for traders who are serious about winning the Wall Street game because that’s what it is. We cannot promise you will become the best trader but we promise you’ll have this chance. This course will provide you the way and the tools to let you become your best as an independent professional trader. 
    • Yes. The reason is they play the game by the wrong rules and they don’t have an adequate strategy. 
    • If you had a difficult time when you started trading, it’s not your fault. The markets are designed this way. They give very little chance to beginners. 

  • Developing a profitable strategy is complicated. It requires the right tools, data collection, analysis and testing but above all a correct theory . In this process it is required to understand the research bias and critically interpreting the results.  It’s necessary to avoid selection bias, confirmation bias and overfitting among others, and have an enough sample size for creating an evidence based system. 

    1. Click “Yes, I want to enroll now” button and you’ll be taken to a secure checkout page.
    2. Complete your order and you’ll get access to the downloadable video training sessions.
    3. You’ll get an email with your login and password for Intuitive Sigma Charts platform, as soon as possible. 
    4. Enjoy your course and get started winning the Wall Street game.


Good opportunities don’t last long

Intuitive Sigma™ training course

You might be new to trading or have more years of experience. Either way, in order to win the Wall Street game, you will have to know how it’s done and learn a proven strategy and this course is the right place to start.