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♦  How to become a successful trader 

♦  How to break the code to the infinite power in the matrix in a formulated scientific way and lead a richer life financially, personally and in health. 


pure intuition and building your matrix If you follow the methodology you will succeed in building your own matrix to riches. This has scientific basis and gives results 100% of the time, it is as certain as 2+2 = 4

Private sessions will be available from 11th of December 2017


The subject matter can be chosen by the client and can be varied if taken more than one session depending on the client’s requests and needs. You can mix and match different subjects to suit your needs during the actual sessions taking place.

trading example subjects

pure intuition example subjects

  • Steps on becoming intuitive in trading or life.
  • How to start building your own matrix of life in a formulated manner – based on science.
  • How to change your life by creating your future regardless of the macro matrix of life
  • How to break the code to the force in the matrix
  • How to connect to the matrix
  • How to use intuition to connect to the guiding force in the matrix.
  • How to create a rich life, financially and personally in good health.

what others are saying

Michalis Panousis
MSc in Finance & Global trading New England College of Business, USA
MBA in Financial Management,University of Sheffield, UK 

If I had to put into words how your insight has helped me, I would say that you posed the right questions, the ones I needed to ask my self as a part-time trader (and a rookie, since my current job is at the largest financial institution in Greece). As for the answers… I am still working on them. To make a long story short, you’ve helped me establish a certain strategy, one that I believe suits me best. In the near future I’d also like to take your sigma intuitive course, since at the moment I am trying my hand at trading. We’ll see how that goes. For what it’s worth, I think that you’re a great mentor, mostly because you’re down to earth and you say things like they are. For what is worth you’ve helped me in a meaningful way. Thank you.


Philipp Fehrerberger
Linz, Austria 

First let me say: Thank you for the great weekend i had with you in London.
You gave me great insight on how you trade the financial markets, which brokers you use, how you do your research etc. That is a lot of help to me. I look up to you and everything you did in life, you are by definition a self-made man.
I trust my gut feeling. I know my path is in the financial markets, I will figure out how and do it. Look forward to your trading course, i will work it out as fast as possible. I came back with so much motivation. I am glad to have found a new friend and mentor. Regards, Philipp


one on one remote mentoring via skype/telephone

  • 20 minutes free consultation via telephone with Andre Minassian. Please email with brief description of yourself and what you are seeking to gain from the consultation. Acceptance upon discretion of  ITI.
  •  1 session- 1 hour – subject chosen by client = £270
  • 4 x 1 hour sessions = £ 950  sessions spread over 3 months – or to be discussed if requested otherwise
  • 12 x 1 hour sessions spread over six months = £2,700 – or to be discussed if requested otherwise

Schedule your appointment

one on one - in person with andre minassian central london

  • 2 hour session – £560 all inclusive – 2 to 4 pm –  times can vary if discussed
  • Afternoon session – An afternoon with Andre Minassian –  Afternoon meal, tea coffee/refreshments included – 1.30 pm to 5.30 pm – £1,100 all inclusive (one on one -face to face – in person)
  • A day with Andre Minassian – Full lunch and coffee/refreshments, afternoon light meal included – 10.30 am to 5 pm
    £ 1,400 All inclusive (one on one – face to face – in person)

Schedule your appointment

corporate and media events with andre minassian please email for details

  • If you wish for Andre Minassian to visit you in your town/country for a one day or extended stay mentoring (depending on availability, client verification and acceptance).
    This can be on one on one basis or corporate & media requirements.

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