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As best as it can be

This is the best charting and trading platform that exists for individual traders. We’ve been using it for many years and we have also used most other major trading platforms to date. This is the best platform by far.   

Intuitive SigmaTM Charts is a high performance charting software based on the widely known Sierra Chart platform – our partner. There is not any other platform on the market that can handle so many charts, workspaces and has so many advanced capabilities. Not only is a solid professional quality software but it is an excellent value with low pricing to make it affordable for every trader. Its features, speed and reliability is what you’ll appreciate most. We love it so much that we made it our own. You will see it for yourself.

Intuitive sigma charts simply the best

Main Features

 Designed for efficiency and ease-of-use. It has an uncomplicated interface that can handle the most demanding applications. It is developed by an experienced and competent development team that stays on top of development. It has been proven and trusted by investors/traders/clearing firms for more than a decade.

Supports all types of markets: stocks, futures, indexes, commodities, currencies/forex and options. 

Directly provides real-time forex, CFD (contract for difference), stock and futures data without having to use an external service. It supports many external Data and Trading services providing complete real-time and historical data and trading access to global futures, stocks, indexes, forex and options markets. All of the major Data services and Trading backends are supported.

Intuitive sigma charts trading made easy

Sierra Chart 

Being continuously improved and expanded we are here to support you with high-quality software and services. To learn more about the platform and its amazing features please visit Sierra Chart website.

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Stay tuned for an amazing trading experience